New Polyester Performance Fleece Has Arrived

If you are one of the countless people tasked with the challenge of finding the perfect fleece fabric for your sublimated hoodies, Yarrington Mills Corp has something you need to see. A year ago we launched our F729MFFL MicroPoly Pin-Dot Fleece, and the market’s response has placed it in very high demand. What if you do not want a Pin-Dot on the fabric’s face? That is when you need our new F730MFFL Polyester Performance Fleece.

Just like F729MFFL, the new Performance Fleece is stocked only in white. At ~8.04oz per square yard, the F730MFFL is heavy enough for a hoodie, but light enough to be worn under jackets or coats. If you are searching for an option for your line of sublimated sweatshirts, that does not have the Pin-Dots of style F729MFFL, then please contact us for a sample.