5234-22 Heavy Weight “Roll Knit” 2×2 Rib Strips

Often referred to as our “California Roll Knit”, 5234-22 is our heaviest and thickest acrylic option made from 100% low pill acrylic yarn. This rib has very large, pronounced ribs and is generally used on heavyweight coats and letterman jackets. If a lighter version of this wide gauge 2×2 rib is of interest, please refer to style 5232-22. 5234-22 is sold by the piece in lengths up to 45”. We can custom knit any stripe pattern that you desire. To view our standard rib knit trim patterns, please click here.
5234-22 Heavy-Weight "Roll Knit" 2x2 Rib Strips
Length:Up to 45"
Minimum:6 pcs/color, size & pattern

Common Applications: Jacket Waistbands, Collars and Cuffs