Sparkle Knit Braids

When you want to dazzle an audience with dancing light and bright color, count on our Sparkle Trims. They have helped increase the impact of performances by many of today’s sharpest cheerleading squads and dance teams. Sparkle knit braids can also be found in more traditional sports, such as baseball, as seen on the Milwaukee Brewers. We can mix any combination of sparkle colors and flat colors into virtually any stripe pattern. Sparkle braids are available in either polyester, for use on standard polyester fabrics with limited stretch, or stretch Duraknit® for use on our full-stretch fabrics (i.e. FE780MF Body Flex® and F466 Bantam Weight Duraknit).
Sparkle Knit Braids
Roll Size:3/16" - 1/4" = 200 Yards 3/8" - 5/8" = 100 Yards 3/4" and Wider = 50 Yards
Minimum:1 Spool

To view our standard knit braid stripe patterns, please click here.

Common Applications: Baseball and Softball Uniforms, Cheerleading and Dance Uniforms, Basketball Uniforms, Lacrosse Shorts, Soccer Shorts

Color Availability: We have a full range of sparkle colors. Please contact us for a color card.